Below are links to resources that may be helpful to you at this time:

Even though your specific circumstances may not fall under one of our specific financial assistance program guidelines, know that we still are here to offer emotional support and assist you in honoring your child. We have local support groups, memorial walks, and special events which are open to bereaved families and those that support you. Check out our “chapter” pages or contact the national office at (253) 200-0944 or email [email protected] for more information. (We are not affiliated with any of these organizations; We recommend visiting their website and reaching out to them directly if you have any questions regarding their services)

Funeral assistance for pregnancy/infant loss:

  • Angel Names Association (for stillbirths, at least 20 weeks gestation)
  • Flutter By Izzy Jane (for stillbirths, at least 24 weeks gestation)
  • The Luca John Foundation (for the loss of a child 12 months or younger, or stillborn)
  • The Skyler’s Gift Foundation (for prematurity-related losses, at least 22 weeks gestation)

Funeral assistance for child loss by location:

Assistance with medical bills associated with pregnancy loss:

  • Hayden’s Helping Hands (for stillbirths, at least 20 weeks gestation)
  • The Fletcher Foundation (for medical bills associated with miscarriage or stillbirth)

Other Resources: