Cali’s Gift has been provided by Cali’s family in honor of her life and legacy to help others. This program is a part of The TEARS Foundation and financially assists parents whose child (ages 13-22) has died due to drug related issues and/or completed suicide with funeral assistance and/or grief counseling support.  For more information contact Margaret Pilon, Program Director, at (253)590-7373 or

Cali’s Gift Application

Cali was a beautiful, energetic, adventurous, helpful, wonderful child and young
woman. Growing up was filled with a never ending desire to be active, always wanting
to do something physical, and in particular anything outdoors.  Despite the
apparent normalcy of her life to many, hers was a conflicted and often contradictory
life, with much happiness and many struggles. It was filled with both healthy activities
and unhealthy addictions. Shortly after graduation, she chose a path of independence from her
family and the steady support provided to her for her sobriety. Ultimately, her
struggles and the addictions took hold of her, and her life.