Center for Child Loss

The TEARS Foundation’s Center for Child Loss


We have created a safe and comforting place for bereaved families, professionals and community members to receive compassionate support. Our goal is to build a caring community to help families who have lost a child on their journey toward healing. We provide education and resources for ongoing bereavement care and overall wellness.


Because every person’s grief journey is unique, we strive to provide programs that address each part of a person’s life:

    • Physical
    • Social
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual




Your donation brings hope and healing to grieving families

Our goal is to have a Center for Child Loss for each chapter of The TEARS Foundation.
Help us provide access to ongoing bereavement care for all families by donating today!

Washington State Center for Child Loss


New Jersey Center for Child Loss


                            Massachusetts Center for Child Loss             
                                  Alaska Center for Child Loss